The potential is huge…for all those suffering with a rare disease.

Lindsay Groff
Executive Director
Barth Syndrome Foundation


The European Huntington Association is very interested in the approach taken by BioPontis Alliance. By identifying novel academic science with potential to be converted in a therapy, this nonprofit organization may bring solutions to the needs of patients suffering from a serious and life-threatening neurological rare disease such as Huntington’s. Huntington’s disease is a rather well known rare disease, but still there is insufficient research on potential therapies, so we applaud BioPontis Alliance for taken this systematic approach.

Astri Arnesen
Chairperson Eurohuntington

We support the nonprofit BioPontis Alliance and its very unique and innovative approach [to] therapy development and building alliances.

Monica Benson
Dystonia Europe

Every child with rare disease deserves a treatment.

Margie Frazier
Executive Director
Batten Disease Support
& Research Association

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