Patient Integration into Preclinical Therapy Development

Patients’ integration into drug development is being emphasized by many regulatory authorities, patient organizations, coalitions and pharmaceutical companies. However, that effort rarely, if ever extends into the earliest drug discovery and preclinical phase, when the actual therapeutic strategy is set.

We strongly believe that early integration of the patient into the development team is necessary, in order to ensure their input is available to assist in development objectives to pragmatic and positive health outcomes. BioPontis is uniquely positioned to explore how patients’ representation and engagement could be practiced in treatment development. We decided to engage first in a direct dialogue with patients’ organization leaders to learn about what is important to patients and to co-develop practical methods for this new way of working between scientists, clinicians and patients. The results of two workshops, held in 2016 in the US and Europe with patient organizations within the rare neurological disease community, described in a summary paper entitled “Integrating Rare Disease Patients into Pre-Clinical Therapy Development”, is available for review.

BioPontis Alliance Develops Translational Research Readiness Tool with Rare Disease Patients Organizations

The Translational Reseach Readiness Tool (TRRT) is the first of a series of initiatives by BioPontis to help rare disease patients’ organizations manage their research programs toward the essential data and tools needed to start the journey from basic disease knowledge to drug discovery. BioPontis is extending its therapy discovery mission to more effectively utilize the wealth of great discovery science being supported by public agencies and by rare disease patient advocacy organizations to generate a more robust flow of new potential therapies.

Patient organizations are invited to download the tool and contact BioPontis with questions and suggestions for how it can be best applied in their specific organization’s strategic planning and management.